Number of webcam models rising

Number of webcam models rising

A Newsbeat investigation’s found a rising number of United kingdom women are working as cam models on the internet.

Market analysts say the overall webcam market is today worth more than a billion pounds, with online sex shows a big part of it.

Industry insiders state there’s been a rise in applications, partly fuelled by the recession, with hundreds of British females signing up to UK websites monthly, many more internationally.

They appear live on webcams that can be accessed on computers around the world.

Men usually pay premium rates to get the privilege.

Twenty-three-year-old Lauren’s been functioning as a webcam model for some months.

The girl works with a few other girls within a basement of a semi-detached house that is converted into a studio.

It’s been furnished to appear like two different rooms. Using one side there’s a bed, on the other a sofa.

The ladies wear fancy underwear and headsets to talk to punters within the webcams. Lauren told Newsbeat she can make up to £ 30 per hour with bonuses.

«You can see right now, it is talking dirty. You already know, if they ask me to have my top off, I will do. »

Big demand
2 weeks . secretive international industry. Women of all ages can work from anywhere in the world, fronting naked and talking explicitly about sex.

Lauren says she can make up to £ 30 per hour as a webcam girl
Market analysts free pornos sexy chat say overall the webcam market grew from around £ 730m in 2006 to £ 1 . 1bn in 2008.

It’s predicted to almost double in value again by 2015, with pornographic webcam sites driving a car much of that growth.

They say it’s additional hidden from analysts than other segments, but is a «lively» part of the market.

The most popular site is huge in size, claiming to have about 27, 000 webcam models and 17 million people, with around 12, 1000 new sign-ups each day.

Brodie Fry build one of the websites. He told Newsbeat the recession features contributed to more women working as webcam models.

«A lot of women from this sort of economic downturn will move into the adult industry.

This puts great pressure on women inside the industry to perform more
Object campaign group
«This is a safe alternative to becoming a great escort or an adult unit. There’s total anonymity. Of course , the operators don’t use their particular real names.

One site told Newsbeat in the last year it’s put an additional 42 British women normally a month on its catalogs.

Richard Smallbone recently set his unique webcam site. He told Newsbeat up to 150 English women are signing up to UK sites a month, with many more joining international sites.

He said: «We started off with 12 profiles and there would be one girl working during the day.

«Eighteen months down the line, we’ve 80 different profiles, anything at all up to 16 girls doing work during the day. »

‘Enormous pressure’
But there are concerns. Campaigners say webcam girls could possibly be pressurised into doing factors they’re not comfortable with.

Mobile phone
Mobile adult services are usually the next growth area
Anna van Heeswijk’s from Object, which campaigns against the sexual exploitation of women, said the industry must be better regulated.

«It is the man who have decides which women this individual wants to choose, depending on what she looks like and how she actually is willing to behave sexually.

«This puts substantial pressure on women inside the industry to perform more and more extreme versions of pornography to be able to attract men, in order to make a full time income. »

Lauren has no such worries. The girl said her priority is usually her three-year-old daughter and insists she’s not being exploited.

«A great deal of my friends are working in clothing shops and stuff, they’ve got no money.

«I could do two shifts in a week and Now i am still earning more money than what they are and I get to devote an entire day to, every day, with my young daughter.

«I wouldn’t want to be at work all day and possess her in nursery. My spouse and i wouldn’t be able to see her. »

It is not only on the internet where cam models are becoming more popular.

Juniper Research anticipates that revenues from mobile phone adult services will grow from £ 1 . 3 or more bn in 2008 to £ 2 . 9bn simply by 2013 – part of that growth is from webcams on mobiles.

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