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Purdue Pharma agrees $12bn settlement in opioids case, plaintiffs’ lawyers say Read more»The overwhelming sense of hopelessness that took over this community in 2016, you can’t monetize that,» former assistant summit county prosecutor Greta Johnson told lawyers in a deposition in January.

But those concessions appear not to have been enough. Daily street marches continue to call for Piñera’s resignation. Schools and offices are functioning sporadically. Lines at supermarkets have eased but little remains of the routine that just two weeks ago led Piñera to declare Chile an «oasis» in an increasingly volatile region.

• A big picture spread (pages 18-19, 5 April) showcased photos of daily life in Warsaw, part of our current New Europe series, which this week is highlighting Poland. One picture showed Jewish visitors praying near a synagogue in a district called Osiedle Za Zelazna Brama, which we translated as «Behind the Iron Curtain», suggesting some cold-war link. In fact, zelazna brama harks much farther back, to a long-ago park gate.

As impassioned by political ideas as by literature, he joined the editorial board of Pensamiento Critico, a critical journal published by the philosophy department at Havana University, where he also taught. Here, the atmosphere was in sharp contrast to the orthodox Marxism of the old Cuban communist party, which Fidel Castro brought into government alongside the rebels. Partly taking their cue from Gramsci (who was first published in Cuba in 1966), the department and its journal became a seat of resistance to the Marxist manuals being supplied by the Soviet Academy of Sciences.

Some people in Akron say the once-proud rubber capital of the world will never be the same. Hundreds of overdose deaths shattered families, orphaned children, exhausted first responders and drained government resources. At one point, city officials needed a mobile morgue to house all the corpses.

Peter Hartmann, the director of CODEFF Aysen, an environmental group organizing to protect the wild ecosystems of Chilean Patagonia, said: «It’s a shame because the summit was an opportunity for Chile to be more coherent in their environmental outlook and to bring international attention to the environmental issues in Chile.»

On Saturday an estimated 1 million people poured on to the streets of Santiago for a peaceful protest that was reputedly the country’s largest since the dying days of Gen Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship in the late 1980s.

Four years later, he was one of the scriptwriters of Alicia en el pueblo de maravillas, a black comedy about bureaucracy, which the Cuban government suppressed. Though no one else involved was penalised, Díaz was advised that it would be better for him not to return from teaching film in Berlin, and he subsequently settled in Madrid.

His fiction film debut came the following year with Polvo Rojo (Red Dust), a tale of the 1959 revolution, loba negra epub followed, in 1985, by the controversial Lejanìa (Distance), the first film to deal directly with the division between Cuban society and the exile community in the United States. This was a theme that would come to preoccupy Díaz, and which he first touched on in his 1978 documentary, 55 Hermanos (55 Brothers And Sisters), a masterpiece of observational filming about a brigade of Cuban-American youngsters on their first visit to the island.

School climate strikers from Europe are in the middle of the Atlantic on their way to South America. «We just heard COP25 has been cancelled. We will have a meeting about this now on board, please keep us updated and any ideas are welcome. They can cancel the COP but can’t cancel the movement!» the group tweeted.

In Jonas’s hands, a live camera and a TV set function as both mirror and shallow stage. It’s not just images that she layers and transforms but space and time. Her otherworldly theatre of the self and the body has all the wonderment of puppetry and fairytales.

• Among photographs illustrating a film article on war documentaries – A grunt’s eye view, 5 April, page 19, G2 – we meant to publish a still from The Battle of Midway, John Ford’s 1942 documentary/propaganda feature, but instead used a picture of kamikaze pilots taken from Midway, a 1976 war‑action drama starring Charlton Heston among others. Kamikaze attacks, for their part, came to the fore later in the war, not 1942.

Doubts about how much plutonium and uranium is contained in a vast waste tank at Sellafield in Cumbria has led the European commission to prosecute the British government for failing to adhere to proper nuclear safeguards.The building, known as B30, is one of the most intractable nuclear waste problems in Europe.

The circumstances of Díaz’s departure from Cuba had an unhappy air of intrigue about them. If ICAIC, where he was an active member of the party branch, encouraged his independent thinking, he had run into trouble with other factions over his novel Las iniciales de la tierra (The Initials Of The Earth), which the authorities censored when it finally appeared in 1987.